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Most companies continue to exchange quality certifications using paper and email, which is manual, old-fashioned, and prone to error. The use of digital technologies reduce costs and improve customer satisfaction is no longer optional.

Leading companies are managing and exchanging certs using proven digital technology to create competitive advantage, sustainability, and profitability.

The transition to digital and paperless doesn't have to be complicated or expensive.

Download our whitepaper to learn simple, common-sense steps to prepare for digitizing your cert process.


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Fight inflation and stay ahead of the competition by automating paperwork

Watch this on-demand webinar with Co-Founder Lonni Kieffer to learn how you can be one of today’s leading companies that are automating supply chain processes to combat inflation and protect their competitive advantage. 

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Faster, more efficient cert transfer

SmartCert 1.5 delivers by increasing the speed and efficiency of quality cert transfer and expanding self-service tools for SmartCert users.

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